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-  Pearl buy and care  -
Pearl buy and care:
Buying a beautiful and satisfactory pearl jewelry or buying loose pearl from wholesalers can be a daunting and hard thing sometimes .Here we list some steps about how to buy pearls ,hoping that is helpful to you.
一、How to buy pearls:
Step one-What kind of pearl is your need?
The pearl kinds now have Akoya pearls,Freshwater pearls,Tahitian pearls and South sea pearls.The price of Tahitian pearl and South sea pearl is often higher than Freshwater pearl in the same pearl rank.,because of their longer growing period. Freshwater pearls are relatively cheaper but it has its own feature :more designs,various colors,and the same looking effect etc.Before you buy You can search the characteristics of allthe pearl then do the best choice.
Make sure what kind of pearl you need first is important.All we supply here are freshwater pearls.
Step two-Choose what design you need?
This one believe all of you have an idea in mind.In our website  we list  a wide range for your refer,you can check them then choose the beautiful one.Or according your beautiful dress to make to selet the suitable one.
Step there-What color is your need?
There are a wide range for your choice.
Step four-What quality is your need?
There are four factors decide the pearl quality:pearl shape,pearl surface,pearl luster,pearl size..
Shape:there are round ,rice, button ,potato and baroque shape.Round pearl almost always command the highest price,but many love the uniqueness of baroque and off-round pearls as well.
Surface: the surface of a pearl is a important factor to consider,the cleaner the pearl is the better.But as a natural gemstone,there will always be some imperfection.
Luster:the luster is related to the surface,bad surface will effect the luster.A good luster is always the pearl buyer looking for..A high quality pearl with high luster will be almost mirror-like in appearance.It makes the pearl stand out.
Size:last but  impossibly most important is size.A good rule of thumb is to choose pearls 7mm and larger for adult women and keep anything smaller reserved for young girls and teenagers.
二、How to care
About how to care your pearl and pearl jewelry,here we offer some tips on it for your refer.  
Pearl is easily damaged ,so should avoid physical contact and exposing to soaps,perspiration,cosmetics and other chemicals.
Pearl jewelry care:
1.You should make sure the pearl is also clean after each wear.
2.Keep it someplace where it will stay clean and not be exposed to dirt or oil.
3.Keep it safe from the harsh chemicals .Never store pearls in a plastic bag.The plastic may 4.contain chemicals that will damage the pearls.
5.How to clean your jewelry:
Using a soft cloth dipped in a solution of gentle soap or shampoo and warm water to clean your pearl jewelry occasionally.When pearl is losing their luster, you had better polish it with a silk cloth. The most important thing is storing your jewelry properly. Store your pearl jewelry inside a cloth bag in a dry location make sure the pearl is away from other jewelry which may scratch the soft surface of your pearls.
For some pearl jewelry the material may be 925 silver.As you know the 925 silver will change color or be black after you wear long time.That is a normalthing.Because silver is a kind of the unsteady metal, it will become yellow to black because of external factors.So how to care and return its luster is important.
1. dont wear other precious metals with 925 sterling silver jewelry together, to avoid collision deformation or abrasion.
2. Avoid contact water vapour and chemical and avoid wearing the swimming, especially go to the sea.
3. Every day after wearing the jewelry with cotton cloth to wipe clean, put it into the box or the  seal preservation bag.
4. When the 925silver is oxidated to become black,use soft scrub brush dipped in toothpaste, if still cant clean then swab with silver wash water,.After wash 925 sterling silver jewelry all need to use cotton cloth to wipe dry.
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